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Writings & Musings


"Solitude and Loneliness: A Buddhist View"

Available 28th May, 2012 from Windhorse Publications

Solitude and Loneliness book cover

In his new book, Solitude and Loneliness: A Buddhist View, Sarvananda explores the themes of solitude and loneliness and how a Buddhist might deal with these emotions. He suggests that, despite the statistics, we still ‘very skillfully, and often unconsciously, organize our lives in such a way as to avoid loneliness.’ Although increasing numbers of us live alone, we are also continuously coming up with new strategies to distract ourselves from our solitude.

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"Meaning in Life: a Buddhist Perspective"

Coming out October 2009 from Windhorse Publications

Meaning in Life book cover

How can we bring more sense of significance into our lives?
What meaning does life have in the face of suffering or death?
Do we have a 'why' to live for?

To have a browse or buy online, go to Windhorse Publications

extract from the book:

"What's the point of cutting the grass anyway?" I asked my heavily perspiring Mummy on one occasion.
"It's only going to grow again."

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